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Gerechtigkeits Liga – ‘The end of the present’ :

GL is working on a new album. More information in the near future.

Some old tracks will be made available for free streaming and download in the near future.

Till Brüggemann started the post-industrial project Gerechtigkeits Liga in Bremen, Germany in 1981 to create an outlet for the neurotic obsessions of its members. The group produce and release their recordings on Cassettes, VHS-Videos and the 12″ Vinyl ”The Games Must Go On”. SPK’s label Side Effects release their first conceptual album ”Hypnotischer Existenzialismus” in 1985.  In 1986 the album is re-released by the North American label Thermidor in San Francisco. GL move to London in 1987 and the band/project decides to become self-sufficient in Music, Film and Video production. Throughout the 80’s GL perform multimedia Concerts in Europe and North America. They’re part of the Cassette Culture and Mail Art underground movement in the eighties and receive invitations to record and release  tracks on various international Cassette and Vinyl compilations. GL stop their activities at the beginning of the 90’s and re-emerge again around the beginning of the millenium.

Till decides to inject new ideas into GL and changes the line up of the band for live performances. In 2006 he begins to work with musician and producer DJ  Ragnar from Berlin. GL performs new live shows as well as record tracks for compilations and other new releases.

In 2006 Isegrimm records releases an anthology of earlier GL albums and bonus tracks in form of a digipack.
New and un-released  recordings from the 1980’s are also released  by the German label Vinyl-on-Demand in 2008. The release includes two 12″ vinyl albums, a 7″ bonus single, as well as a DVD with early film and video clips of the band.

Since then several new recordings have been released on 7″ Vinyl as well as tracks on international 12″ Vinyl & CD compilations. In 2011 GL’s new album Dystopia was  released as a 12″ Vinyl album on GL’s own label Zyklus. It’s also become available as a digital download via the German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe. 

Dystopia features guest musician John Murphy who was a good old friend. John played with bands such as Last Dominion Lost, Shining Vril, Knifeladder, Krank and SPK, to name just a few. John sadly passed away on the 11th of October 2015. He was a great musician, a very humble and kind man and he lives on in our memories and in his remarkable body of work. After the sudden tragic death of Last Dominion Lost member John Murphy in 2015  Till Brüggemann joined LDL.

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“Society is no longer in any sense egalitarian. As the tenets of collectivism are rejected ‘en masse’ , our perception of the evolutionary process becomes more and more confused, distorted and incomprehensible. Now the present situation has been reached whereby we are evolving without being aware of it. Is this because we don’t care, or is it a conscious rejection of our unmistakable connections with primitive culture? By rejecting the old ‘barbarism’ society ushers in more surely a new and more definite era of the dark ages”.
( Till Brüggemann, 1989 ) 


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